August 2014

The process for recovering money from obstructive or uncooperative foreign debtors is not as difficult as it may first appear. Together with Pierre Haincourt from Credit Limits International we explain the options available.

August 2014

Much has been spoken and written about the 2013 Jackson reforms, with the focus invariably being on funding and costs-related issues, but there are other consequences of the changes which have entered through the back door with much less fanfare.

August 2014

When legal proceedings are underway and successful judgment has been obtained against the defendant, where do you go next?

August 2014

When entering into a contract to supply goods or services, it is always worth taking the time over the Terms and Conditions which will govern the business relationship. Much clarity and precision at the outset can save lots of time in the event of a dispute further down the line, and assist in recovering quickly any unpaid or late invoices. Certain points in relation to this are worthy of closer examination.

Legal costs

July 2014

The housing market is now slowing down with new buyer enquiries showing a more modest gain in June according to a survey carried out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

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